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We are committed to maintaining this tradition of excellence established by over 140 years of stability in the precious metals business.

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Choosing Handy & Harman Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd as your Precious Metals Refiner is definitely your first right step in helping you to increase your refining returns more than any other refining companies.

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Fire Assaying

We determine the value of your lot by assaying the samples taken from it. The process used is fire assaying.

In classis fire assaying (actually a miniature refining process), the sample is first melted in a special furnace. The base metal is forced into slag, and the precious metals collected by lead at the bottom of the crucible. The lead is then oxidized and removed, leaving a bead of pure bullion, a precise sample of your entire lot. It is weighed as a basis of calculating the amount of precious metals in your shipment.

In all cases, duplicate samples are assayed independently and the results cross-checked for accuracy.

Fair and honest business practices have been part of Handy & Harman Manufacturing (Singapore) Pte Ltd's Heritage, Culture and Tradition from the start.

Look no further! With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service and ensure your peace of mind.